Listen here to samples of our debut album Escape, featuring the singles Your Game, The Reunion and Escape





Eleis was formed as the result of a university project. Composed by Cristina Rodríguez and Cayetano Gutiérrez, students at the "Arturo Soria" Music Conservatory, the band decided to record an album halfway through the year, with no previous material but with the clear idea of giving their compositional concerns a way out. Midyear 2018 they finished recording the autoproduction of that first LP, a work full of various different influences, such as Muse, Ariana Grande, Antonín Dvořák or Danny Elfman, and which tours around and mixes different musical genres.

During the lasts months of the production, they started moving their work, releasing some songs live and launching in summer of 2018 their first promotional singles: Your game, which reached number #1 at the alternative charts and #70 in iTunes Spain, The reunion and Escape.

In 2019 they released their first album, Escape, which was presented at a festival in the "Arturo Soria" Conservatory and was very well received by the public.



Vocals, guitar and piano


Bass, guitar and clarinet